Mentors are a hugely important part of this program!  HOPE mentors are typically college-aged students that are matched with a high school student that will soon be participating in HOPE.  Mentors are to be present at each day of the event and assist the high school student with researching career opportunities, being a listening ear, and overall is a great person of support to the HOPE participant.  Most mentors and high school students stay in contact even after HOPE concludes.  We also found that some of our HOPE mentors decided to change majors into healthcare after they participated in the event.  See where HOPE can take you too!

If you are interested in being a volunteer mentor, please click on the Contact Form link.  Once this form is complete, one of the HOPE staff will contact you with upcoming dates HOPE will be held and open opportunities with the program.  Please note that a background check will be completed, if you volunteer for this position.

Participating Program

UW-Madison Aspiring Nurses Association